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Monday, July 17


Thought this one was funny... does anyone know if this is a real men's room?

Update: Thanks to Jake for finding the following (via Snopes):

This photograph depicts a men's restroom at a Sofitel (a chain of 5-star hotels operated by Accor Hotels) in Queenstown, New Zealand, which has attracted a fair bit of interest and commotion:

Five star hotels are normally famous for their opulence and their design but the new $45 million Sofitel in Queenstown is gaining notoriety for its little boys room.

It has brought the hotel a couple of complaints from church goers and a couple of hundred people wanting to take a look.

It's the most popular room in the five star hotel.

Hotel manager Mark Wilkinson says the toilets were just a way of putting a little levity into the posh hotel.

"Certainly it wasn't our intention to offend anyone," he says.

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Jake said...

It is real, as far as I know, as this picture's been around a while, I just can't for the life of me remember where it is...let's see if Snopes knows...

(insert 30 second pause)

It does!