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Tuesday, August 8


I have confirmed, without a doubt, that I am addicted to the TV show "LOST". Its idiosyncracies and trivia have burned into my brain.

How do I know this? (Warning... geek speak ahead!)

We are starting to use a new IDE for developing Flash applications known as Flex. Unfortunately before I can jump right in and start breaking things I have to wait for our network admin to update our web server software (Coldfusion). So, to pass the time I am stepping through the built in tutorials that came with the software. It's mostly common sense stuff, but a good start.

I was in the chapter named "behaviors" which is an overview of how to make the elements do "cool stuff" - make buttons glow, text wipes, etc. And one of the steps was to add a text label with THE NUMBERS.

Which I pointed out to my co-worker (who is a slacker, two lessons behind me... ha!). He doesn't watch LOST and doesn't care. But gave me a smug little smile anyhoo, to humor me.

So now I am busy adding cool effects to THE NUMBERS, just like they do in the show. Maybe if I am lucky food will drop from the sky and I can munch on some Dharma-O's. Hopefully The Others won't notice that I caught on to their plot, and kidnap my co-worker!

I hope LOST comes back soon... I need my "fix"!

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