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Tuesday, September 19


We have a DVR, and it's set to record favorite shows. Including the Gilmore Girls. I just settled in on the couch to watch tonight's recording (a past episode I missed). Instead of an hour of banter and pop culture references I got an hour of:

This has to be the most obnoxious, irritating thing I have ever seen. If you don't carry a channel... don't put it on the effing channel guide!

Their website carries the following "update":
Channel 15 Update
The WB Network concluded its final day of broadcasting on 9/17.

We understand and appreciate that the CW channel is important to a number of our cable TV subscribers and it is our desire to provide this new channel. Efforts to negotiate mutually agreeable contract terms for carriage of The CW have been under way for several weeks now and are ongoing at this time. Until a contract is in place for carriage, we are unable to air this programming. When, and if, a contract is signed, we will move as quickly as possible to put The CW on the air.

We thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.

Negotiations have been underway for several WEEKS? Umm... didn't they announce the merger of UPN and WB, and the new network branding (CW) back in January?

Thanks again, BendBroadband!! I just hope they manage to "negotiate mutually agreeable terms" by the time the new season of Gilmore Girls begins...


Anonymous said...

The thing is that, as far as I know, the local CB affiliate is owned by the same people that own KTVZ -- and we all know how fast they work ;-)

shannon said...

J, I'm SO glad you got a screen shot because I was going to BITCH about the same thing today! Call Bend Broadband because according to KTVZ they have everything into BB to get the switch up and running.