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Monday, September 25


Happy Birthday, Stinky!

My boy is turning 11. He had a slumber party on Saturday night... not that there was much slumber involved. Two of his friends spent the night. They enjoyed playing his new Lego Star Wars game on the PS2, and took turns sitting in his new X-Rocker. They also started to construct a moonwalker robot and built with his PixelBlocks. One of his friends brought a movie & snack pack which they shared too.

The chair is really cool!! There are speakers in the headrest, and a subwoofer in the backrest. And it is soooo comfortable. If I ever get a chance I want to get hooked up and watch Independence Day!

A friend of ours took him to the skate park near Bear Creek Elementary. He had a great time. And he said our friend can skate pretty well... for an old guy. (LOL)

My Grandpa gave him his copy of Jane's American Fighting Ships of the 20th Century... complete with notations of the ships he worked on while he was in the Navy (around and during WWII, in the Pacific). He received other books too: a "Get Fuzzy" comic book, Homecoming, Magic Science, Wizardology, and Elementary Algebra.

Yeah, he's a nerd. But I love him. Happy Birthday, kiddo!!

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