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Sunday, October 22


Just returned from a family weekend at the Oregon Coast. It was nice for us to get away... just the five of us with no extras! The weather was beautiful (mid-70's) and it was not a busy weekend so the trip was as close to "perfect" I think we could muster.

We rented a little beach cottage in Kiwanda Shores - a gated community in Pacific City. If you are traveling with kids... I would highly recommend renting a house over staying in a hotel. In fact even if you aren't traveling with kids I recommend it! There is very little price difference between a house and a hotel, and the amenities and privacy make it worth it!

The house was literally steps from the beach. From the back porch we followed a little trail over a dune (no ocean view from the house) and there we were! The house had a hot tub, plenty of space, and ping-pong and air hockey tables in the garage. We were hooked up! We found it through a vacation rental management company online (click here for their site).

It's nice to be home... but I am off and hitting the road again tomorrow!

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