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Monday, October 30


On Wednesday evening, Adobe hosted a party at the Palms for all the MAX attendees.

The pool area, Rain, and Little Buddha were all open to enjoy. On the pool deck, people clustered around small hibachis and roasted marshmallows for smores. We sat in bungalow-style cabanas (complete with flat-screen TV's) and chatted... wrapping in towels to ward off the chill.

Then things warmed up. :) When we first arrived, I was disappointed to discover that the Rain dancefloor was holding up buffet tables. So we wandered the three-story club and checked out the skyboxes, multiple bars, and other amenities. Finally they cleared away the food and the party kicked into gear. The suspended system over the dancefloor not only holds the standard speakers, strobes and assorted lights... it also released balls of flame over us! Yeup, it got very warm, very quickly!

It was a great shindig... I hadn't been clubbing in a long time, and this was a great nightspot!

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