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Tuesday, October 31


I was elated last week when Adobe released a beta for the Mac version of Flex Builder 2 (FB2) on their "labs" site. As I mentioned in a previous post the team I work with has been "getting Flex-y" and this was one of the compelling reasons for our attendance at MAX last week. I have been using FB2 on my PC for a couple of months... but I really prefer my Mac for development.

So... as you can imagine as soon as I returned to work yesterday, the first thing I did was download and install the Eclipse plug-in on my Mac. It's not a small file either, and it took about an hour to pull down.

After I finished installing I noticed that the follow up "Do you want to install extensions for Coldfusion?" message that came up when I installed FB2 on my PC didn't appear. So I naively assumed that they were installed automatically.

I launched Eclipse and switched to the Flex workspace. Looks good so far. But then I noticed that the additional tabs and features for building Coldfusion apps was MISSING. Hmmm...

Next I guessed that this had something to do with being a plug-in instead of the full product, so I downloaded the full version. Again - not a small download. And installed it. And launched it. And... still no Coldfusion goodness.

So I turned to my good buddy, Google. I searched for information and found the following, which was buried on the Adobe website:

Will the ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder 2 also be available for Macintosh?
Yes, ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder 2 will be made available simultaneously with the Flex Builder 2 for Macintosh release. There is however one functional difference in the Macintosh product. The query-builder will not be available on Macintosh.
Which tells me one thing.

Adobe is a TEASE.

The official release of FB2 for Mac is scheduled for 2007. And in order to develop at a good pace... I really need the Coldfusion extensions. (I really don't need the query builder... it was just nice to have.) SO... I will be developing Flex applications on my PC for a few more months I guess.


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