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Wednesday, November 1


Apparently Halloween is "banned" from schools because it might offend someone. Also a claim has been made that the costumes are "distracting" in the classrooms. There is no educational value, they say. I remember back in Elementary school, we were allowed to wear costumes... but they had to be based on a book character or an author. Did I have the only creative teachers out there, that could turn this "traditional" Halloween activity into something educational?

Trips to the pumpkin patch are still around. Last year Boo's (1st grade) class went to learn about "harvest" and collect pumpkins so they could measure them as part of a math lesson. I have no clue how running through a corn maze teaches anyone about "harvest"... but OK... whatever works. Butthead's (4th grade) class went last year too... but then we had to pick her up from school because (get this) the kids are not allowed to take pumpkins on the school bus. EH?!

Whether a holiday is celebrated by their family or not... does it harm a kid to learn about traditions practiced by others... be it at home or at school? I would have no problem with the kids learning about traditions from other countries and faiths. It seems like that would serve to promote the understanding, respect and tolerance that are sorely missed!


Jake said...

My daughter's class/school celebrated halloween, and just had other activities going on in the library for the kids who didn't.

Jen said...

I think that's a great way to handle it! I wish the schools were more consistent in how they handle holidays.

Wendy said...

My kids had a costume parade at school and Halloween parties. At their old school Halloween was banned and turned into a Fall Festival.