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Wednesday, November 1


The kids had a fun Halloween. Unfortunately our camera died during Stinky's Lego club (I was taking pictures for their website)... so I have no pictures of the girls' costumes. :(

Butthead wore a long black dress with sort of a diagonal-cut skirt (higher in the front, trailing back to a train in the back). She had a crazy, long pink wig with a leopard print headband... and vampire teeth. She made everyone try to guess who she was (no one could). She told everyone "I'm Stevie Nicks, but I was bit by a vampire!"

Boo wore a yellow dress with sequins and a flowered neckline. She had a cute, bobbed pink wig with pink cat ears. Some of the guesses as to her disguise were "Jem", "Spice Girl", and "Britney Spears". According to Boo, she was a ballroom dancer.

Stinky did not wear a costume this year. But he was wearing his big winter coat (with hood) and track pants... so everyone though he was "Eminem". Eventually he joined in and started telling people that's who he was.

The girls changed into their costumes at the school, while we waited for Stinky to get finished with the Lego club. We went straight from the school to Edge Wireless, where they host an annual trick or treating event. Butthead had her picture taken with "Frank" in the lobby. There were many spooky passageways with plenty of treats, and they had a good time.

On the way home we stopped at the "Expressway" market to see "Otis" - the 1073 lb pumpkin. The kids entered a contest trying to guess how many seeds were in Otis. (I feel sorry for whoever has to count those seeds!) The girls made random guesses. Stinky had a theory that pumpkins have a certain number of seeds per pound, so he did the math and entered the result as his guess. The store was also giving away full size candy bars to trick or treaters so the kids were EXTRA glad that we stopped there.

When we got home the kids hit the streets for more trick or treating. It was pretty cold so they didn't last long, but netted a LOT of candy.

At home, we had more trick or treaters than ever! We bought 3 bags of candy which is usually more than enough. After the kids got home they supplemented the goody bowl with the treats they didn't want... but we still turned the light off at 8pm after a SOLID 2 1/2 hours of trick or treaters at our door.


Wendy said...

My youngest saw Otis the other day and refused to believe that a pumpkin could ever be that big.

Jen said...

I couldn't believe it either. I feel bad for the person(s) that have to move Otis in and out... and even sorrier for the person(s) that have to count the seeds for the contest!