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Monday, November 27


This winter marks twelve years since I last went downhill skiing. At the time I was still living in Washington state, and frequently ventured up to Crystal Mountain or Stevens Pass. Occasionally I would ski Hoodoo when I visited my mom in Salem, but I rarely made it as far as Bachelor.

Twelve years ago things were pretty different. Skis were longer, narrower, and pointed at the end. There were few snowboarders. There were no terrain parks and few tubing parks.

How long can you live in Bend and not ski? Well, it was apparently my "time". Yesterday Scott and I spent the day at Bachelor. I stuck with my "retro" pair of skis. I was teased about my equipment by other skiiers fairly relentlessly - but was having fun so didn't really mind. Scott rented a new pair. He said they were like a dream - all you have to do is think of turning, and off you go in the right direction.

Conditions were pretty good for the first week - though the weather was pretty brutal with wind and blowing snow. I lasted until about 2pm. Scott skiied until 3. Today I am hurting pretty bad, so I am resting up... for next time!

Yeup I am hooked on it... again. But I am thinking that instead of getting a new set of skis I might have to try snowboarding.


Wendy said...

I'm jealous! I'm dying to get up there. I picked it back up last year after 9 or 10 years, and I love the new skis, so my old style skis are now decoration.

Try the snowboarding, but put a pillow in the seat of your pants.

pril said...

oh definitely try snowboarding! I went for the first time ever last year at Willamette Pass. What a BLAST! I felt like i'd been hit by a truck for a week afterward, but it was totally worth it. I haven't skiid (skied? skid?) since i was a little kid, i don't think i could do it now, but snowboarding was really a good time.

Lucky said...

You know I lived in Bend 2 years and never went snowboarding once. On the other hand when I didn't live there I had a season pass at Shasta and even went to Mt. Ashland every so often...strange how that happens.

Jen said...

It's official... Butthead is going up for a snowboarding lesson on her b-day in a couple of weeks. Stinky is getting the same for Christmas, date TBD. So I am sure that with the two of them boarding... my sore butt won't be too far behind!