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Tuesday, November 28


Stinky and Boo still attend school in Redmond, so I drive them up there every morning when they are at our house. This morning we awoke and found two inches of snow outside. They dressed and ate breakfast as usual while I brushed a LOT of snow off the car. (We really need to finish cleaning the garage!) Then I bundled them up and had them wear their boots, and we headed out onto the winter roads.

On a day like this back in Salem, the schools would have been closed. No question. But there wasn't even a delay for the Bend and Redmond schools. The city seems to have the roads pretty well under control. It was slow going, but we made our way north and eventually got onto Hwy 97.

Just before we reached the Tumalo Road overpass we saw our first wreck. Someone went off the road and plowed their Jeep into a tree. Whoops!

By the time we reached the Pleasant Ridge intersection, there was almost no snow. As we came over that last hill before Redmond we could see Smith Rock in the distance - beautiful and wintry white! But there was barely any snow in Redmond. There was a skiff here and there, and the major intersections had been cindered. My car stuck out like a sore thumb, with a few stubborn clumps of snow still clinging to it, compared to the bare cars parked in Redmond driveways.

Amazing, the difference in weather over a few miles. This takes me by surprise every year!


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Were they mad that they had their boots on, when there was no snow in Redmond?

On Monday my 4-wheel-drive Audi with studded tires slid on the approach to the Bill Healy bridge. Yikes.

Jen said...

Yeup, they were disappointed that there was so little snow in the school yard. But they had their sneakers with them so it was "all good".

On the way home from volleyball last night it was slicker than snot. I have an AWD Toyota with "all weather" tires and it was an adventure!

Jake said...

I do the same thing when I come back from work. Sunriver nearly always gets more snow than bend or redmond, and I'll get home, my wife's car will be bare, but I'll have 3 or 4 still frozen solid to my car.

I truly believe that there's an imaginary line across the highway at Lava Butte, as that's really where the weather changes -- in a matter of yards. It's freaky.