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Wednesday, January 31


I'm gonna be on the road starting tomorrow, so Boo is getting her sidebar age-update early!

Happy Birthday kiddo! You are turning into such an amazing kid. I am having fun watching you change into a big girl. Don't go "tween" on me yet, OK?

Click to view a party slide show!

p.s. Never get too old to wear your cake proudly. I am glad you are still silly!


dndwheeler said...

Cute cute cute! What an adorable kid!

My name is Denise and I am your potholder swap partner. I have the holder ready but still need to pick a recipe. I know it calls for a casserol (sp?) but would you like the most fantastic cake instead??? Has men weeping and begging for more...


Jen said...

I love cake! :)

Looking forward to meeting you for the swap!