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Wednesday, January 31


On the way home today, we drove past Mt View High School. There were several ambulances and police cars... and a bunch of SWAT officers. I found a blurb (here) on KTVZ's web site. Sounds like something got into their ventilation system, and it was making people sick... but they are still looking for a cause.

Anyone know what happened?

Updated at 8:32pm - The article on was updated, but no one seems to know what caused the odor and fumes. Sounds like a prank to me. If it turns out to be a student, do the parents have to pick up the tab for emergency services?

Updated at 10:32pm (1/31)
- As of this morning, "no trace of the unidentified odor-causing substance remained within the building". Wow... that is a little scary that they can't identify the cause (and don't seem to think they will).


Wendy said...

I haven't heard anything about it, but K has friends at that school, so maybe she'll find something out for me tonight.

Wendy said...

According to K, the rumors flying around are that someone sprayed pepper spray in vents near the gym. She has no idea if that is even remotely true.