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Wednesday, January 3


Last night Scott and I decided to grab a light dinner from the Reed Pub Company. The pub is not far from home - during the warm summer months we walk along the canal to get there. The food is good; Scott loves their pizzas and they also have good sammies and appetizers.

They also have a very wide variety of beer - both on tap and bottled.

Generally I like to enjoy one of the brews on tap. But last night nothing really appealed to me so I looked in the cooler and found...


Pipeline Porter is made by the Kona Brewing Company. In addition to the usual ingredients, 100% Kona Coffee is present. The coffee flavor is very prevalent, and is a nice addition to the smoky flavor of the porter. It was an unusual, and memorable, drink.

The art on the label is also beautiful. A surf scene is depicted in orange, brown and blue. It has a very relaxing effect.

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