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Friday, January 12


thump is now open...

It's Friday, and I always need a little extra caffeine on Fridays. The Troll and I headed downtown. A week or so ago we peered through the windows near Staccato where a sign stated, simply, "something is brewing". Our guess was a coffee shop, his guess (and hope) was for a Stumptown. He recommended that we check to see if it was open yet.

It is!

The owner/manager (?), Kent, was there. He is very friendly, chatty, and willing to answer questions. The baristas seem nice too. Kent told us that thump brews Stumptown Coffee. They are an independent store, not a franchise of Stumptown.

Today was their first day, and it was evident they are getting settled. Someone was working on the lights that hang over the counter. Offerings in the deli case were sparse. But we were there for coffee... and they have plenty of that!

I tried the drip coffee. A Guatemalan blend, very smooth, and piping hot. A little bit of nutty flavor, but not overwhelming. I liked it very much! The Troll had a soy mocha. While preparing the drink our barista asked, "how chocolatey?"... and gave him extra chocolate. Though it was a little on the lukewarm side, it was pronounced "yummy!" :)

The interior is nice. Lots of earth tones, very warm! The counter and floors are concrete, and there is nice ironwork under the counters as well. I didn't ask if they will have wi-fi. It looks like this will be a nice place to kick back with a joe and a bite to eat!


Jon said...

Nice, that's just down the block from me (I work up on the hill, next to the Phoenix Inn). I saw it the other day, not opened yet... cool. I'll Hack Bend it. :)

Olaf said...

Thump is having a grand opening the first weekend in Feb., with tasting of coffees from around the world, etc.

Jen said...

Good timing for the grand opening... isn't that the same weekend as Winterfest?

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Say hi to the troll : )

Sorry for the long delay in commenting, I have been really insular this month!