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Monday, February 26


Via Andrea's Monday Mission... my life written in the form of a book jacket. One you really don't want more details about!

Are you mystified by your pre-teen daughter's mood swings? Is she crying at the drop of a pin, casting withering looks your direction with increasing frequency, and talking on the phone more than she talks to you?

Parents of tweens, take notice! Join Jen as she explores the mysteries of prepubescence with her daughter. Headaches, cramps, and personal hygiene... all these topics and more are explained!


Andrea said...

That was very cute. I liked it.

Thanks for playing!

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Oh, how funny! And yet not. You can say so much with a book jacket cover!

Jen said...

Yes... our house is flooded with tears right now. It was almost funny when the girls looked *at each other* the wrong way, and burst into sobs simultaneously.


I thought I would get at least one or two more years before Boo got to this stage. Sigh!