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Sunday, March 11


It's a sign of the season to come...

Boo and Butthead are off to the parks & rec baseball camp for the afternoon. (Stinky has been sick, but also didn't seem interested this year, so wasn't registered anyways.)

It was an adventure, finding everyone's gear! Where is your glove? Does it still fit? Where are your pants? Do they still fit? Shoes? Hats? Shirts? Socks?

Neither of the girls found their batting gloves. We had to rearrange the shoe situation to accommodate growing feet. Butthead is actually wearing Stinky's football cleats from two summers ago (it was a very short-lived football career)... hopefully they won't make her feet fall off from the cooties.

As they went out the door their differences in personality was reflected by their appearance. Butthead looked ready to play baseball - shirt untucked, hat slightly askew, no two pieces of clothing quite matching. Boo looked ready to pose for a baseball catalog - pigtails poking out above visor, shirt neatly tucked in, hoodie & pigtail holders selected to match the stripes on her socks.

But I am sure they will both have equal fun!

Updated at 5pm: They did!


Live on the Fly said...

Ah, I miss those days! Bat bags in the way, baseball caps in every corner of the house, smelly cleats... Now I just call my son to ask "how was the game today?"... enjoy the chaos and fun while it lasts, Jen, I'm envious!

Jen said...

Thanks, Elise! Yesterday we drove by as a game was going on at Bend High. Boo reeeeallly wanted to stop. I am gonna have to get a copy of their game schedule, we are all getting the itch!