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Monday, March 12


Via Andrea's Monday Mission... a slice of life written in the form of a press release. Yah, I know it's pretty pathetic. I am not too inspired today.

Toast Identity Revealed

Bend, OR -- March 11, 2007

The Fiveforefun household was recently stricken with a confusion over the classifications of different types of toast.

Recently one of the shorter members of the household asked if they could make "French Toast". Upon further discussion, and description of the toast-making process it was determined that the short person did not want to make "French Toast" but actually wanted to make "Buttered Toast".

Our findings:

French toast is sliced bread battered with an egg mixture and grilled until lightly browned on both sides. It is topped with butter, powdered sugar, maple syrup (an elvish favorite), and sometimes berries. French toast is delicious.

Buttered toast (sometimes known as just "toast") is sliced bread inserted into a machine called a "toaster". When activated, the machine burns the bread, making it barely edible. The burnt bread is then slathered in butter and sometimes jam or honey. Toast is rarely delicious and usually only eaten when the taller members of the household shirk their grocery shopping duties and there are no other snacks available.

An important distinction is that "toast" is not served with maple syrup. But maybe it should be.



Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Ha! This made laugh.

In my household the wee ones skip the toaster altogether and eat bread with butter and sugar!

Ric said...

I can beat that.

My little guy loves toast but if you carelessly leave a butter dish within reach, he'll hungrily scoop gobs of the yellow stuff straight in his mouth. Makes me cringe.

Once I found some stashed in his pocket. Fun.

Jen said...

I used to looove cinnamon toast, Jen. Might have to whip some up tonight!

Ric once many many moons ago when we were at a restaurant my cousin saw the scoops of butter and thought they were ice cream. Boy was the look on his face priceless when he tasted it!