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Monday, March 26


Via Andrea's Monday Mission...

Home 3.07 Release Notes

What's new in version 3.07?
  • Patches
  • Chores
  • Flex
  • Yard
  • MBP
Downloads not available to the general public. Please contact the Home project coordinator to obtain access to the most current version. Note, all slots for the current version are sold out. New participants are not currently being sought.

Compatibility concerns
Continuing to experience intermittent compatibility issues between J.J. 12.3 (formerly known as the Butthead module), Stinky 11.6, and Boo 8.2. Resolution expected to take approximately 10 years (on or about when they mature from modules to independent application status).

Introduction of Patches 1.1 has been causing minor disruption to the functionality and dependability of Divot 0.5.

The aforementioned compatibility concerns have contributed to the developments of Migraine 36.5, Beer 24.7, and Sighing 4.20 in order to keep legacy modules (Scott and Jen, version numbers unknown) from crashing.

New features
Although unnecessary, the Patches module has been a positive introduction and we are proud to announce that this feature has been fully integrated. Main functions include sleeping, purring, eating and cuddling. Patches has assumed control of Sofa 2.1 and Windowsill 5.2.

Chores module been restructured and implemented in such a way to streamline the functionality and interaction between the J.J., Stinky, and Boo modules. As far as we can tell so far the introduction of the Chores module does not have a negative impact on the Homework feature and no Dishes options have experienced a crash so far.

This feature has contributed to the Jen module's interest and curiosity in Work 5.8.

Overlooked during the TooDarnColdSeason 7.2 updates, Yard 2.1 is finally getting the attention it deserves in this release. In this version you can expect to see Flowers 3.2 and Footpaths 2.1. Planned updates also include Shrubs 7.2, Roses 3.1, and MiscPlantings 12.3.

Primarily implemented to enhance the productivity of the Jen module.

Enhancements and bugfixes
Performance inhibitors have been removed with the addition of the Chores module and the Allowance feature.

Services no longer supported
Whining 3.2, Arguing 7.3, and DirtyLooks 1.3 have been deprecated. Any modules displaying these behaviors will need be taken offline and rebooted immediately to avoid further systems interruption.


Andrea said...

That was cute. I liked it. I wish you luck with the ongoing incompatability issues.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...