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Sunday, March 25


Got some yard work done today, with Stinky's help. I weeded the top part of the yard; the border around the grass where I planted the tulips & daffodils last fall. Stinky added some plant food to the ones that are coming up. We have lots of baby tulips and a couple of daffodils are finally poking through too. He also planted some seeds (mostly wildflowers and lobelia). I don't expect much to come of the seeds but they were free seeds and it gave him something to do.

It rained a bit this morning so the soil was warm and moist!

Planted some more bulbs (dahlias & lilies) in containers for the front porch - so we can bring them inside if it gets too cold. And some herb seeds in smaller pots for inside. Stinky is keeping the basil in his room so he can track the growth. I also have rosemary, cilantro, and nasturtiums - in the kitchen window with Boo's fairy garden.

Now that I have done all that work it will probably snow... since that seems to be the way things work!


The Real Mother Hen said...

I love my indoor herbs, but greatly disturbed by the small tiny flies which appear to live on the plants. Any idea how to get ride of the flies?

Live on the Fly Studio said...

You can get rid of the flies by sitting a bowl of vinegar (or red wine) near the plant. They usually jump right in and then can't get out. And drown. Like the filthy flies they are...

Jen said...

LOL, thanks for the tip, Elise! Hopefully we won't have to deal with that problem. :)