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Thursday, March 22


I like ice cream... a lot. So whenever Ben & Jerry's is on sale I usually try to stock up on a few pints. One of the newest is "Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler" and I couldn't resist picking it up a few weeks ago.

There has been a bit of news about this flavor over the last couple of days. Some of the pints were recalled because one of the ingredients, wheat flour, was left off the label... including the one I purchased. While I understand that this could potentially cause a problem with wheat allergy sufferers that was not going to come between me and my ice cream!

I found it... peachy! The ice cream has a bit of cinnamon flavor. The bits of peach are small but tasty. The shortbread pieces (containing wheat flour) are just a tiny bit crunchy - not tooth-busters.

Next up will be "Cinnamon Buns"... which also contains wheat flour, but it's clearly stated on the label. Just in case you were wondering.

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