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Wednesday, March 21


Buenos dias!

Mexico pics are up! Click here to take a look.

The photo viewer does require Flash Player 9. If you don't have the latest version visit Adobe's website to download and install this software.

Geeky stuff:

I am continuing to tweak the photo player, just as a side project "for fun" and trying to further my Flex development skills. The original application was written by Ely Greenfield. The core animation, reflection, and navigation were built by him, not me. I already added the photo titles and plan to add navigation buttons, XML feed support (right now the descriptions and the photo file names are in hard-coded arrays), and ability to switch between more than one "album". I will probably "skin" the viewer eventually so that the colors are a bit more "me". So if you have any feedback as I develop this please let me know! Also the code is open source so if you are trying to learn Flex and want to take a look please visit Ely's site. With his permission I will probably make my source available after I make my changes as well.

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Wendy said...

Love the pictures! It looks so pretty there.