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Saturday, March 31


This dishwasher apparently escaped from captivity and met a bad end. This particular species is rarely seen in the wild, but is more often found in suburban kitchens nationwide. I know that sometimes it's nice to let your dishwasher out to get some fresh air. But please, as a responsible dishwasher owner please consider using a leash so that they don't suffer the same fate as the one seen above.

Seen on our hike today, off China Hat Road just south of Bend, OR.


Live on the Fly Studio said...

Sadly, China Hat Road is where all the white trash folks go to dump their unwanted appliances. It's so out of my realm of thinking...

Wendy said...

I live by Horse Butte, and that whole area from there to China Hat Road is full of old appliances and cars. Even better than that is the dumbass people that go out there, get drunk, and target practice with their rifles on those poor abandoned appliances.