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Friday, April 6


On Thursday (which also happened to be Moogy's birthday... Happy B-Day Moogy!) Boo got to go on a field trip that involved riding in a limo (a stretch Hummer, to be specific) to Pappy's for lunch. It was a reward for selling a crapload of cookie dough and other assorted food items for a school fundraiser. (Since I took the order form to work and my co-worker's bought MOST of the crapload of cookie dough, shouldn't I get to go in the limo too?)

She's the one closest to the door, just as she was landing from jumping out. The thing was frakkin' HUGE!!

(Thanks to the Sherpa for buying a lot of the crapload of cookie dough. There. Do you feel better now?!)


Live on the Fly Studio said...

I saw that thing driving around town and thought - 'What the heck??!! It's not Bend Film time yet, is it??' Those things are insanely preposterous! Unless, of course, I'm riding in one... hope the kids had fun!

Limousine said...
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LiMo said...

she really looks happy :).. im sure all of them had tons of fun! so thats how the things are today.. present for kids - limo ride!!

LiMo said...

Yes, this limo is really huge, but it's a dream for many children and actually not only children to have a ride in Hummer! So, I'm sure children were very happy (I even see in on the picture).