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Monday, April 9


Via Andrea's Monday Mission... write a post that is all anecdote: no rumination, no epiphany, no resolution. Hopefully I did this correctly!

Last Easter was the first time I attempted to prepare - and serve my family - leg of lamb. It had been a tradition for my grandmother to prepare this for me as a child when we visited her home. She had passed a way a few months earlier and it seemed a proper homage.

I scoured the Internet for recipes. Most were very simple, so I shopped for the meat and side items, wondering what my family would think of this new dish.

In the end I chickened out, and didn't even tell them what it was. Scott knew of course, but the kids had no idea. Until halfway through the meal J.J. asked, "Can I please have some more of, um, the meat? What is it anyways?"

Four sets of eyes settled on me. I asked, "Does everyone like it?" Four heads nodded.

"It's lamb."

Stinky looked at me curiously, "You mean, like a baby sheep?" I nodded. "Oh! Well it's really good, can I please have some more too?"

Everyone had seconds (and some had thirds). We had lamb for Easter dinner this year too!


Andrea said...

Phew. I was tensing up there with you. I'm glad they liked it and there were no tears over the barnyard friend on the table.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

When you said you "chickened" out I thought that would be a play on words -- ha!

Will you post the recipe?

Jen said...

Andrea: yeup, you should have seen the drama when J.J. watched Scott eat quail one night. :(

Jen Pondo: sure! :)