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Wednesday, May 30


If you live anywhere near 15th Street, and south of Reed Market Road, then this should be a familiar sight to you:
(Apologies for the crummy phone-camera image. I don't haul the Nikon with me on my daily drive.)

Yeup, that's right. We have road construction. In fact we have had road constructions for months. I know the traffic flaggers and they know me - so well that when I saw one at the store he said "hi" to me. All part of upgrading the utilities and infrastructure for this 90-home Pahlisch development. (At least that's my best guess!) Because, ya know, we don't have enough big empty houses in Bend. Let's build more!

They have been in the process of tearing up one section of road at a time, doing something mysterious and important that involves lots of heavy equipment and six or seven guys standing around staring into the pit, and then patching the road surface. Lather, rinse, and repeat... all the way from the canal to Reed Market.

It's been hellish.

I have waited for flaggers for up to 25 minutes at times. Sometimes I give up, turn around, and go further down Reed Market to 27th Street, just to avoid sitting and waiting. I have found alternate routes through the "Biblical King" neighborhood just north of us. But NONE of them seem to go all the way from Ferguson to Reed Market, so I usually get stuck anyhow. And I can only imagine the wear and tear on my car by driving over the uneven, patchy "surface".

But it's almost over.

The end is in sight.

They are paving 15th Street right now! And they wouldn't dare rip up a freshly paved road, would they?

Or would they?


Just a cuppa lovers. said...

"Because, ya know, we don't have enough big empty houses in Bend. Let's build more!"

So true and depressing to boot.

Wendy said...

I ended up trapped on 15th today, because I keep forgetting the construction. I will be so happy when they are finally done!

Karen Duvall said...

Hey, Parell between Murphy and Reed Lane has been a nightmare of road work off and on for months. I used to choose that route to avoid the lights on third, but stopping at traffic lights beats waiting for the guy in the orange vest to hold up the "slow" sign. Sheesh.