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Friday, May 11


The Eastside Longboard Louie's is now open!

RHPB and I went there for dinner the other night. I like the Westside location for lunch and was excited when I heard they were opening a second location, on "my" side of town.

The interior is brightly painted. There are some great surf images and art, and a few boards add to the atmosphere. The dining room is much bigger than the one at the Westside location. Large windows look out onto an uninspiring view of a strip mall parking lot and Highway 20.

The menu is basically the same, with the notable exception of Chile Cheese Fries. (Which is really too bad... they are really tasty!) All the other standards (Hollenbeck, MBC, and fish tacos) are available - plus they have a "create your own burrito bar" with lots of options. My MBC (meat, bean and cheese burrito) was tasty but a bit light on the rice. Scott's chicken enchiladas were good, but a little heavy on the sauce. The salsa bar has 5 different varieties - I really like their salsa verde. The red salsa is muy caliente, so watch out and keep a glass of water handy!

I am sure we will return and once they get into the swing of things I think the food will equal that offered up at the Westside location. But the atmosphere and ambience are definitely colder and more "strip mallish". It's doesn't have that cozy feel of the original location. (Which is OK - gives me a reason to keep going to the original!)


Fredrik Donnér said...

Hey Jen!
I've been checking out your blog, and you said that you could send out an invite to anyone that wanted to try out Joost?..
Would you mind sending me one? Im eager to try it!
Thanks/ Fredde
(my e-mail is

Jen said...

fredrik... done! hope you enjoy joost.

Fredde said...

I live in Sweden, so my day just begun, got the invite... Thanks a lot!