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Saturday, July 21


Still no book. It was supposed to be here by 10am. Where oh where is my UPS man?

Updated... It was in my mail box the whole time, even though Amazon said it shipped via UPS. I didn't know that UPS could deliver to my mail box!!!

Anyhoo... the box is cool. It's a keeper and a souvenir and Scott is NOT allowed to throw it in the trash. Pics soon... probly tomorrow night as I am busy reading!

Spoiler... Page 62 and it's already sad. It's gonna be a long night!!!


Simeon said...

Oh No! See that is what I was afraid of. Thats no fun. I hope it did eventually make it to your home.

Carrie wanted me to share that the first 438 pages have been fantastic :)

Wendy said...

I picked up my copy at 11 yesterday morning and finished reading just after midnight. Now I need to reread it to make sure I didn't miss anything by reading so fast to find out what happened.

Just a cuppa lovers. said...

I got my copy around 1 p.m. yesterday and finished it today (got interrupted a lot). LOVED it! Can't wait to see how they put it all into a movie.