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Monday, July 16


Has anyone else (besides me and BOR) been watching Next Food Network Star?

(spoiler alert - click here to keep reading)

After watching the penultimate episode of NFNS I was confused... and concerned. I don't think I was alone, thinking that Rory and Amy would be the final two. Their food has been pretty consistently good - with the exception of Rory's disastrous and HYSTERICAL cake. They both seem to have good personalities and pretty down to earth - when Amy isn't playing up her "French twist".

Even after watching their Rachael Ray appearances (how did they pull that off, anyways?)... I was sure that Rory and Amy were a cinch for the final two.

So, there they were in the final evaluation. And Bobby named the first of the final two, er, finalists.


I almost cried with happiness along with Rory. I really want to watch a Food Network show starring Rory. She just seems like my kind of gal and I think that she totally cooks "my kind" of food. Yeah!

And then they named the final, er, finalist


Huh? Sorry, Jag. No offence (or offense?...jk) man, but I was totally shocked that Jag wasn't eliminated a long time ago. There must be something going on that isn't showing up on TV, because the guy just doesn't seem that good. His personality is a bit too much to take for me, and his food is pretty complicated (and even he admits it). For me, if it takes more than a lucky 7 ingredients I probably won't cook it. I have no doubt that his food is excellent. And as much as he seemed to get along with the other contestants, I have no doubt that he is an all round good guy. I just don't see him as a "Food Network Star".

Now here's when things got weird. Last week I noticed a few articles floating around our interwebs about some inconsistencies between Jag's claims and, well, reality.

Sure enough, he was "called back" by the Food Network to discuss these inconsistencies. And in a very uncomfortable and rehearsed-looking "conversation" between Jag and the judges, he resigned from the competition. The whole thing just looked... wrong.

But... it did bring Amy back into the final two.

As I have from day one... I am still rooting (and voting) for Rory to win. Amy's food looks good, and I would probably give her recipes a try, but I just don't feel any connection with her. The only episode where I felt like I would enjoy her show was during the Iron Chef challenge. Which, coincidentally, was the ONLY challenge where I didn't feel a connection with Rory (she was really snarky and sarcastic).

Go, Rory!!!


dkgoodman said...

I've been rooting for JAG (sorry, BORis). Rory and Amy are good, and visibly improving from show to show, but I didn't see what they brought to the table that you couldn't find elsewhere on the network. JAG had an edginess and a unique style of cooking I was looking forward to. With him out, now I'm rootin' for Rory. (Feel better, BORis?)

Keeneye said...

I could have written your post verbatim. I love Rory, really like Amy, and just didn't see the oomph in Jag.

Boy, was that "resignation" uncomfortable or what? You could almost hear the backstage conversation: "Jag, you can either resign from the competition, or we can kick you off. What would you like to do?" Ouch.

Anyhoo, I'm thrilled that Amy and Rory are going to the finals. Be sure to vote online at every day!

Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

Totally agree! To me, the whole season has been pretty odd and last night's resignation was just the icing on Rory's cake. Talk about being JAGged up!

ArtfulSub said...

I watched most of them and blog about it. This person, who isn't a troll does too.