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Sunday, July 29


When I arrived on Saturday morning, kids with wildly painted faces ran to greet me - Stinky's was blue and the girls' were green. I shoved laundry bags, overflowing with damp, musty smelling clothing, into the back of my car. I talked with Clover, Baloo, Brownie, Whipsplash, and Beowulf. Bullphrog and Z are still there. Stinky's towel was retrieved from the lost and found. After a visit to the camp store, we paused to pick huckleberries from the large bush in the middle of the gentle hillside.

The kids finished a week of fun at Camp Silver Creek. This was Stinky's fourth year so he is officially a camp rat. It was JJ's second turn. And... It was Boo's very first time at sleepover camp.

Stinky lived in Bear Creek. He was extremely disappointed that he didn't live in Hemlock - the only unit he hadn't lived in so far. He was very jealous when he found out that was where Boo would be living! JJ was assigned to Hillside but by the time I picked everyone up on Saturday she had been moved to Bear Creek.

Every Thursday the groups to go on an "outpost" - an overnight hiking trip. Some of the hikes are very short - just far enough to get away from the main camp. (You don't have to wander far to get to the deep woods at Silver Creek!) This year JJ went on the "iron kid" hike to Shelby Falls - 9 miles each way. Everyone ate grilsch for dinner on their overnight trip... so the tradition lives on! This year JJ had a more favorable opinion of the dish, and all of them asked if I would make it for dinner some time. (Ummm.. NO!)

On Friday night they played an all-camp game of Capture the Flag, which was the reason for the face paint. They were exhausted and exhilarated. They talked nonstop until about Marion Forks - when suddenly sleep overtook them!

They all had a blast!

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