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Monday, July 30


The plane tickets were reserved ages ago. I got a great deal on a hotel room, but am still watching prices in case a screaming deal comes up. Don't have to reserve the transportation from the airport. And... on Friday I bought our tickets.

Now the only question is... when, and how, do we tell the kids we are going to Disneyland?

That's right... they still don't know. And last night while watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" JJ mused that she really wishes we could go. It's getting hard not to burst out and just tell them. Part of me wonders just how long we can go before they figure it out. Part of me wonders if they have figured it out, and are just stringing us along. But I don't think so.

It's been a secret for so long. Anyone have a suggestion for a great "reveal"?

....When they pack?

........When we get to the airport?

............When they see the big bus that says "Disneyland Express" on the side??

What do you think?


CJ said...

In 1984 my Father and Stepmom surprised my brother and I for xmas with a Disneyland trip. They "revealed" on xmas morning by having us open the envelopes with the plane tickets inside. The really weird thing was that the day before I made some off hand comment about how cool it would be to go to Disneyland for Christmas but I had no idea. I say keep it a secret for as long as you can... they will remember it for a lifetime regardless.

Bunny said...

I'd wait till they see the bus, if you can keep it in that long!! Sounds great - can I come too?

Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

I say you tell them asap. That way you can get them to do all sorts of chores.

"If you don't wash my car, maybe I'll just take one of (insert sibling's name)'s friends with us instead"

"Better clean that room or your ticket is going on ebay"

"Boy my feet are soar, I sure with someone would rub them for me."

You get the idea. Use it for personal gain!

dkgoodman said...

Buy one of those black Mickey Mouse hats with the ears, stand them in front of a mirror with their eyes closed and put the hats on them, then have them open their eyes and show them the tickets. You might want to wear earplugs first. :)

Jen said...

DK, good idea... but do you know where I can get one of those hats here in Bend?

BOR, LMAO... they are good ones and they have been working (and playing) hard all summer. Now I want it to be my turn to join in the fun!

CJ & Bunny... yeup I think we are going to wait as long as possible. Some one said part of the fun is the antici...
...pation. But I think it will be a fun surprise!

Bunny, if you can fit in one of the kids' backpack's you are welcome to come along. But you might have to thumb wrestle Scott for his park ticket. ;)

Little Things said...

I like Dave's idea. But I'd save the news for the trip to the airport. That way they'll be happy during the plane ride - you definitely don't want them grumpy!

Keely said...

My parents surprised me in the parking lot when I was 9. I still remember how happy I was and what a great time we had. Looking forward to pics and readng all about it.