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Friday, July 13


This evening we went downtown for the Crit. We weren't rooting for any rider or team in particular. We were there for the fun of the event and to cheer on all the riders.

The girls cheered especially loudly for "the pink dude" (wearing the T-Mobile jersey). There was some excitement when he led the pack with about ten laps to go, but unfortunately he couldn't hold on and finished 41st.

We found a nice shady spot, across from Giuseppe's. It didn't seem as crowded this year, but maybe that's because we stayed away from the finish line until the very end. There were plenty of people in that area!

We didn't sit in the best area for great pictures... but it was just too darn hot to sit somewhere with nice lighting. It was freakin' hot, even in the shade! The bikers whizzing by stirred up a nice breeze. ;) Still, I managed to get off some nice shots including the ones here:

Note to Duncan... Stinky wandered down to your shop about halfway through the race, hoping you were open late. He was disappointed... so hopefully we will have a chance to swing by next week.

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