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Thursday, August 30


It's no big secret that thump is my favorite coffee place in Bend. (Just to be clear, it's not my favorite coffee place in the world. That would be the Beanery in Salem. But thump is good. Really good.)


A while back they had these nondescript pieces of wood and pens. Patrons were asked to write their wishes on them. A few months ago they hung them from the ceiling, all over the shop. When someone opens a door, they twirl and spin. It's very cool! I managed to find mine, hanging over the walkway near the espresso machine. And I noticed over on Jon's blog that they posted pictures of all the wishes online. In looking at the pictures of the other wishes, there were some "repeaters". I am kind of proud that my wish is unique among the wishes. I do wish a lot of other things that other people wish, they just weren't what I decided to write down that day.

So, without further ado, here's my wish:

If all y'all only knew how much tie dye I own. My kids think it's a normal part of everyone's wardrobe. They don't comprehend that not every kid had a really far out tie dyed onesie when they were a baby, man. And while I can't get the hang of those new fangled crocs, I still lovelovelove my Birkies.

Yeup, my folks were (are?) hippies. My mom was one of those long-haired flower children handing out cards in Haight-Ashbury back in the day. My dad had a fro and some really neat tire shoes.

Yet somehow I never saw the Dead, live in concert.

Scott saw them twice. Plus Sting in a basement jazz bar in Eugene. And sat next to Garth Brooks in a hotel bar.

I am hoping some of his music mojo rubs off on me, so we can at least make it close to Jimmy Buffett. Because yes, I am a parrothead too.


Wendy said...

I have a tie dyed dress that I bought at a Dead show.

Little Things said...

I never made it to a Dead show either. :( Jimmy Buffet is fun!