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Thursday, August 30


My kids are gonna be soooooo happy.

I just noticed that BendBroadband started broadcasting The Disney Channel, on channel 56. 'Bout freakin' time! I had to ask Scott's folks to tape High School Musical 2 for us when it premiered a few weeks ago. Because even Klamath Falls had it, but not Bend.

So... does this mean that they are gonna pick ABC Family back up? Because that would make me so happy! (Gilmore Girls reruns, doncha know...)


Wendy said...

We've had Disney on all day. I read in the paper this morning that it wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow. However, last weed on bendbroadbands website, they listed the date as December 4th or something. ABC Family and Toon Disney are supposed to start in late November just in time for all the good Christmas shows.

Deby said...

Katya had watched Disney Channel all summer and when we got back she was lamenting that we didn't have it.

When I mentioned it to Bob he said "are you sure?" and then turned on the TV and found it right away. Yeah!

But this means that I will be subjected to way more "It's A Suite Life" and "Hanna Montana". Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. At least Alexis & Logan can watch Playhouse Disney sometimes as a change to PBS.