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Thursday, September 13


This is for Keeneye...

Man, do I love me some Geno's. Any time we are in Redmond around feeding time, that's our go to place. You all can have Pizza Mondo, Olde Town, Little Pizza Paradise and Cibelli's. While all those places are pretty good, Geno's has them beat. Their calzones are consistently the best in Central Oregon. Olde Town comes in second, but they are so inconsistent, and often the crust is way overdone. Crispy calzone is not for me... I like 'em big and puffy like they make 'em at Geno's!

(click on the menu to see a larger - readable! - version)

Here's my yelp review:
Walking into Geno's you might think that you have mistakenly walked into a golf shop. You haven't.

Where you HAVE walked in... is the place with the best calzone and New York style 'za in Central Oregon. How good is it? Well, out of all the awesome pizza places in Bend, we still drive TWENTY MILES TO REDMOND, just for a calzone from Geno's.

My favorite is the Mrs. G's, which has pepperoni and pineapple. If that's not your pleasure, then pick from one of the other options or build your own from their extensive list of toppings.

Enjoy... with a beer, Mike-a-rita, or soda. Yummy!
I have never tried their pasta dishes, but the next time we go I am thinking about it. I just have to know if theirs is as good as the stuff from House of Pizza (near Disneyland)!

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Keeneye said...

Looks FANTASTIC! I wish that I had a chance to try it out.

I've been noticing that the sizes of pizzas differ enormously -- a Large pizza at a well-known pizza chain is smaller than our Medium (16"). What's up with that?

It's not how many slices, it's how many INCHES that counts.

Size matters.