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Wednesday, September 12


OK folks I am ready for something new and I need your help!

We are going to be spending some quality time with our golfing buddies this weekend... which will be bringing out the lush in me. (Not that it's difficult to find, I know!) I am definitely bringing the makings for my latest favorite: Blueberi Stoli & Lemonade. Here's where you come in...

What's your favorite drink recipe? Maybe it will be my new favorite too! Keep in mind I am lazy, so the fewer ingredients and less work... all the better. And since we are golfing, it must travel well in my Nalgene bottle.

Don't worry I will be taking plenty of non-alcoholic liquids with me too! :)


Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

Nothing better on a hot day, hanging out outside with a Mark Lipton - Maker's Mark and Lipton Iced Tea (sweetened). Fill a glass with ice, add the whiskey and tea to taste (I like half and half but I'm a drunk).


Rassmass said...

Here are a couple of good Lemonade drinks they keep well in a nalgine for many hours....
Adjusted for Nalgine bottle...

Golfers Lemonade
3 1/4 oz Absolut Citron
1 1/2 oz Orange Curacao
12 oz Lemonade
3 tblsp pureed Strawberries - chicks only on the strawberries--

Lightning Lemonade **Warning will knock your socks off**
Gin 1 1/2 oz
Rum, light 1 1/2 oz
Tequila, white 1 1/2 oz
Triple Sec 2 oz
Absolute Citron 2 oz
Sprite 12 oz

Enjoy *Hic*

Little Things said...

My favorite cooling summer drink is a Dark and Stormy - Gosling's Dark Seal Rum mixed with Ginger Beer. A slice of lemon is also required. Yum.

The makings of this can be tough to find at times, but it's heaven when you have them!