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Wednesday, September 5


Dear Santa,

Can I please, please have one of these? I have been a very good girl. I would love to have the 16GB model but could probably suffer with the 8GB one if I had to. Cuz it would be better than no iPod at all, which is what I have now.



dkgoodman said...

What network would you use?

Jen said...

It's not an iPhone, it's the new iPod Touch. Looks just like the iPhone, without the phone part. ;)

dkgoodman said...

Oh yeah. duh. neverrrr miiiind! :)

Tom said...

What! It's nearly 2008 and you don't have even one used and abused iPod laying around in some junk drawer! You are wierd ;-)

:: becky said...

I want an IPod Touch too!!! The old abused IPod just doesn't do it anymore.