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Tuesday, September 4


The first day of school ... an event that triggers a combination of emotions ranging from anguish to ecstacy ... for everyone in the household!

Boo started third grade today. She is excited by her school's "habitat" where they are growing a variety of crops and critters. Today they snacked on sunflower seeds from the garden (she likes the bagged ones better, because they are salted). She proudly showed off her "agenda" (a notebook with a calendar and organizer) and seems happy with her new teacher and classmates.

Stinky and QP both started sixth grade - middle school - today. This is the first year that they will be attending the same school. It will be interesting to see how things go. They are in separate "houses" so they only have music together so far. Currently they are biking to and from school, since the trip is about a mile. We'll probably re-evaluate this plan when it's not so light at 7:15 in the morning, though. That's right... they leave at seven-freakin-fifteen. School starts at 7:45 in the morning. Yaa-aaawwwwn... I am sooo glad that I am not in middle school any more.

QP said that she had a blast and that middle school is waaaay better than elementary school. How long do you think that will last? She wanted to stay and watch Stinky's practice (more on that in a minute) but she called me and said she was cold, and heading home. She decided against playing volleyball this fall (?!?!?!). I told Scott she's turning into a girl. Heaven, help us.

Stinky is happy too. He saw his new buddy from orientation and had sushi (yeup, SUSHI) for lunch. Hmm, maybe I wish I was still at middle school after all! He had a great time at his first Cross Country practice, even though it was really tough. I reminded him that the first couple weeks will be the hardest, as that is when they tend to weed out the kids who aren't as dedicated. If he can make it through that stretch then he will be fine.

Happy kids? Check. Phone calls from the office? Zip (so far). Yeah, I would say this year's off to a great start!


Live on the Fly Studio said...

This is the time of year I love!! I have always taken pictures of my kids on their first day (Except last year when my son had his first day of college) This year my daughter is a senior at Bend High. So I made her stand in front of the door and give me a big smile! Happy happy joy joy! For ME, anyway...

Just a cuppa lovers. said...

Now my curiosity is piqued as our son is in a "house" at school. hmmm.... Wonder if they're at the same one? Our daughter is in elementary school still...3rd grade.

doo doo doo dooooo

Deby said...

The first day of school is always a big one. I didn't take Katya to school because last year we were stuck in a mile long traffic jam on Mt. Washington trying to get her to Cascade.

It is tradition for me to take pictures on every first day of school. They grow up so fast!