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Friday, September 28


This post inspires me to say...

Thank you, Scott!!

I tend to be the keeper of the schedule at home. I try to keep track of all the kids events - and there are many. Between school sports, birthday parties, conferences, and everything else it seems like we are always on the run. But somehow the homework still gets done, violins are practiced, the kids get their showers, and generally everyone gets to bed "on time".

And then there are the rest of the evenings - the ones when I am not home for one reason or another. I try to limit my after work commitments, but not to the point where I never, ever get out. Those are the nights that I can come home to... just about anything.

This week in our crazy kid-schedule - we only have Stinky at home. Last night, when I arrived home from the COWPU meeting I was greeted with...


Scott texted me when Stinky got home from his XCountry meet in Sunriver (at about 6:30pm). When I walked through the door at 8pm:
  1. Stinky was finished with his homework (except for reading - but that's part of the bedtime routine)
  2. Stinky had eaten dinner (and it wasn't cereal - he ate some leftover ribs and vegies from the other night)
  3. Stinky had taken a shower and was dressed in PJ's
  4. The house was relatively picked up - daily mail, homework, and clutter were put away.
So instead of rushing Stinky through homework, forgetting about the shower, and wondering what to feed him at 8pm... I got to sit and relax with my family (well, the ones that were home) until bedtime. After I got a bite to eat we sat and watched "Survivor" together. (Yeup, it's that time again!)

I am such a lucky girl!

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Deby said...

Right on!! Good hubby.