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Friday, September 28


I like to camp. I like to travel. And when I do... I like to take my dog with me.

It's not easy to find good places to stay that are dog-friendly. Many motels have outrageous fees for pets - probably because some bad apple left a big mess once upon a time. But what really irks me is that pets are banned from yurts and cabins at the state parks.

But... that might change soon. And all of us could have a hand in making that change (or not... depending on your point of view).

The Oregon Parks and Recreation is conducting a survey to see how people feel about allowing pets in the cabins and yurts. From their website:
There are more than 250 yurts and cabins in the Oregon state park system. Right now, pets are not allowed in any of them. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is interested in permitting pets in some yurts and cabins, but before we decide where and how to do it, we'd like your opinions.

Are you a pet owner who likes to travel with your animal? A yurt or cabin visitor who doesn't own pets? Everyone is welcome to take our online survey before October 31, 2007. Let us know what you think.

Take the online pet survey now.
The questions are pretty detailed and they even ask how much you would be willing to pay (per night) for your pet to stay with you. The only problem is they didn't include a "comments" area for people to share their ideas. For instance, I agree it would be a good idea to designate only a few of the units for families with pets but keep the rest pet-free - but I thing they need to consider the unique demands at each park.

They need to hear from as many people as possible, so no matter how you feel about this issue please visit their website and complete the survey by October 31, 2007. Thanks!!

Updated October 2: Chris at Oregon Parks and Rec added a comments area! If you already filled out the survey and have comments please email him at: chris dot havel at state dot or dot us. Thanks, Chris!


Shannon said...

Thanks for posting this. It has been the main reason we haven't rented the yurts and just camped.

Deby said...

Excellent. Thanks for the post. I was able to put my 2 cents in regarding travelling with our two dogs. When Logan gets a bit older we would like to go with the dogs instead of having someone watch them.

TX Poppet said...

I am so with you on this one. I hope they get a great response from responsible pet owners and the rest of the state parks take note. I know my little princess, Daphne the Great Dane Who Must Be Obeyed would much prefer sleeping in a cabin to sleeping in a tent (even if her bed is more comfortable than mine)!

HAVEL said...

And it may interest you to know I've added an open comments section to the survey. For those of you who took the survey before I added the open comments area, just send me an email (chris dot havel at state dot or dot us).

-- Chris, Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept.