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Tuesday, September 11

It sounded like a good idea at the time. I was at McDonald's anyways, buying my (semi) monthly bacon & egg "McGriddle". (Yeah, those are darn good... in the bad kinda way!)

So I did it. I ordered an iced coffee. From McDonald's.

Now, keep in mind that I am grumpy before my morning caffeinated beverages. Imagine how crusty I was after tasting the large cup of swill that was handed to me:

Use your imagination. Perhaps I am using my powers of concentration to try to make the iced coffee from McDonald's taste good. (Hmm... maybe that's shooting too high. Let's go for "less bad".) Or maybe I'm shooting invisible rays out of my eyes that will magically transform the nastiness that is an iced coffee from McDonald's into a delicious iced toddy style coffee from Thump... or even a Cinnamon Dolce latte from Starbucks. Cripes I would even go for the stuff out of the office urn over the iced coffee from McDonald's!

Yeup. It's that bad. Just say no. Do not pass go, do not collect $100. Don't wonder, like I did, if iced coffee from McDonald's can really be that bad... because I promise you it is!

Where did it come from and what does iced coffee from McDonald's taste like? Well here's my best guess. Last night they put all the leftover coffee in the fridge. When I drove up someone poured out a little of that day-old, not-so-good-to-begin-with, coffee. Mixed it with a little milk. Poured over ice... and there's my beverage. It's like sucking on my dog's dirty paws (not that I know for sure what that tastes like, but it's gotta be in the same ballpark). I am pretty sure that in two hours I will still be able to taste the bad flavor, even gum isn't masking the taste of the icky iced coffee from McDonald's that is coating my tongue.

There is one good thing about the iced coffee from McDonald's. It comes with a free apple pie! But since the iced coffee was two bucks and the pies are usually two for a buck... if there is ever a "next time" I think I will just go straight for the four pies.

Folks, consider this my public service announcement. Just Say No to the iced coffee from McDonald's. I wish I had.


Deby said...

Good to know. You have such a fun way with words.

: )

dkgoodman said...

Bad McDonalds food? How can this be? :)

Maybe this graph explains it. *cough*

Jen said...

Deby, thanks!

DK, I saw that article the other day. IMHO that's just a cop power trippin. If I called the Bend PD and complained about MY food they would laugh in my face. That guy's a jerk.

I promise I was really polite to the folks at the drive thru. After all most of the ones that I encounter are genuinely nice people with a good sense of humor. They just have crap for coffee!

Shannon said...

OMG, I had the same reaction to it a few months ago.

Just a cuppa lovers. said...

Oh thank gawd--you spared me having to try this and blog about it! I will just point to yours now. ;)

Live on the Fly Studio said...

That is some NASTY coffee. And it comes in a HUUUGE cup, so when you throw it away, it completely floods the garbage can! Don't completely write off all fast-food javas, though. My husband ordered the iced mocha (I think it was) from Burger King and it was good. Like "I would order it myself" kind of good.