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Thursday, September 20

Ribbit - Getting started

I've had some time to play with Ribbit, and it's pretty cool. I used the sample apps provided to place and receive a couple of test calls, and also play with the messaging features.

I like that every time someone leaves me a voicemail message, Ribbit sends me an email with the caller ID, length of the message, and a text transcription of the message.
If the caller is someone in my Ribbit contacts list, it provides me with lots of other information including a picture or "avatar" of the caller, depending on what I have set up.

And that's just the beginning. There's a wealth of other information that I can access in the Ribbit database... I am just looking at the tip of the iceberg still!

Want to help me out? Leave me a comment and I will send you my Ribbit phone number so you can give me a call! ;)


dkgoodman said...

OMG. OMFG! Something's wrong... there's something wrong... too many words in my head... they can't all fit... it's gonna splode!

"Ribbit - Getting Started"

3 Words. Three words. THREE WORDS!


Keeneye said...


More info! Sounds intriguing...

RubyFreak said...

Hey Jen,

I am interested in the Head first SQL book, but I think I need to first read the Everyday scripting with Ruby book that you are going to give me next Thursday. Can I have two at once?

I would be glad to call your Ribbit number.