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Friday, September 21

Ribbit - Simplicity!

I am working on incorporating some of the Ribbit functionality into a Flex application built for work. At the most basic level - it's a contact management solution sort of like GoldMine, but with a lot of custom reporting and organizational "goodies".

I loveloveLOVE how simple it has been to add the Ribbit functions to this app. In a matter of hours, I was able to update the application to enable the user to click on any contact and place a call from their computer, without re-dialing.

It was similarly easy to log the user into the Ribbit system in the background - which means the app still loads and they can work while Ribbit does it's thing. (To be fair, we have a pretty slow connection to the Internet here in the office - so I think it's an "us" thing and not a Ribbit issue!) Once the session is connected I have it setup to simply change the status and enable all the form items. Basically... like this:

This weekend I will try to make a screencast demo of the functions I have integrated so far so you can see how it works. Stay tuned!

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