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Monday, October 15


Last weekend (yes, the one before we just finished- I am behind)... we took the kids to the corn maze. Not the pumpkin patch, since we weren't quite organized enough to get on the road earlier in the afternoon. But we sure had fun exploring the maze in the dark!

Everything starts off in the pirate ship. You enter through a "gangplank" on the other side.

If you go around the far side there are stairs and you can explore the deck. There is a slide and the kids can "walk the plank" - jumping off into a pile of mattresses and straw.

Then the fun begins...

We all got pretty lost in the ma(i)ze. Eventually Stinky went off on his own, and the girls also split off from us. Stinky found his way through several times. Scott had to go in and look for the girls while I was stationed at the exit. Everyone had a great time - after all it's just a corn maze right?


Deby said...

Awesome picture with the dark broody sky over the pirate ship. I love that pumpkin patch. When the kids get older we will have fun in the maze. Katya was being a bugger so she didn't want to go in it this year.

Joel said...

We took our clan to the pumpkin patch down the road from there, the DD ranch. (Yeah, I know, the name sounds like a bra or something). Anwyway, we forgot the camera :(.

By the way, get me the info for the Bend User Group. I'll see if I can make it on Wednesday for the subversion discussion.

Joel a.k.a. Palehorse