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Thursday, October 11


In my travels the other day I noticed a large sign announcing that the Mt Bachelor Park & Ride lot is CLOSED effective October 8th. This is the large lot off Simpson and Colorado, where the Mt Bachelor shuttle bus has picked up and dropped off people heading to the ski area in years past.

I checked the Mt Bachelor website and didn't see anything about the shuttle service changing, and the site still states that they are selling bus passes. Currently the site states:
You can catch the Mt. Bachelor Super Shuttle at the Bend Park-N-Ride on the corner of Simpson and Colorado on the west side of Bend.
Since ski season is still 4-6 weeks away hopefully this information will be updated soon. If you have purchased or are planning to use the shuttle to get to the mountain I suggest you keep an eye on their webpage for updated information.

If anyone from Mt Bachelor is reading this... what's up? I have friends that have already purchased their season bus passes and they are steaming. Is there a plan in place, or did they waste their money?


Tom Cornilliac said...

I thought that Mt. Bachelor sold that lot over the summer? Probably why it's closed. [sarcasm] You see they're taking such a financial beating with the ultra-low cost season passes this year they needed the [/sarcasm]

Wendy said...

I read somewhere that it was just moving, but I can't remember where. I'm taking my kids to the job fair next weekend, so I'll see if I can find out.

Tom Cornilliac said...

Here's a link to a Bulletin article that sheds some light on the parking lot's future.

Deby said...

We can't afford season passes this year with their increases. Yikes! I think we will be heading to Hoodoo even though we only live 20 minutes from the Bachelor parking lot.