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Monday, October 8


Via The Flying Mum... a post in the form of a restaurant menu.

Baby Artichokes - flash steamed and then broiled with herb butter (Oops, not really. They sounded good when I went to the produce stand but I don't know if anyone besides me would have eaten them)

Toasted buttery rounds with soft cheddar (read: Ritz crackers with easy Cheez)

Lasagna with meat sauce and three cheeses (Sorry kids, the chef was too lazy to make something with more than 4 ingredients. Maybe tomorrow?)

Elbow pasta with light sauce and zesty chicken (translation: Kraft mac with chicken in BBQ sauce)

Anything with chocolate?!

Yes, please!

It's been a Monday to beat all Monday's. I am beat and ready for a break. I think it's the changing of the seasons, but I have a headache and the brain cells just don't seem to be firing right.

This coming weekend is going to be a weekend for grandparents - Stinky is off to visit his in Seattle and I am going to see my Gramps in Medford. For me it should be a quiet couple of days, with lots of visits to Elmer's and the Red Lobster on the agenda. Maybe I will get some reading done, too!


theflyingmum said...

You are funny! And I think everyone in my house (except me) would use those baby artichokes as a centerpiece, rather than eat them.
I had the seasonal transition blahs-with-headache last week. Yuck.

alejna said... artichokes broiled with herb butter. I would come over and eat those.

And you know, I think you are selling yourself short with the only "4 ingredients" in the lasagna bit. I mean, 3 cheeses. That's 3 right there! Sounds elaborate to me. And if you add the ingredients that are probably listed on the box of lasagna noodles...Look out Julia Child!