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Monday, October 29


I tend to think of myself as a fairly reasonable person. Scott says a lot of the time I am "too nice." Maybe that's the case, and maybe that's why I put up with his sh**. ;) Yes, I do manage and help with a couple of groups here in town. I am not paid to do this, but I still try to do the best I can to make sure events, times and locations are appealing to as many people as possible. But I can't make everyone happy all the time, so I figure if I have a large number of people who think I am doing a good job (translation: people who show up and/or participate in some way on a regular basis) then that is good enough.

And honestly... if something reasonable is asked of me and is within expectations of what I should do, then I will do it. If it's small, I will generally take care of it immediately. More to get it out of the way than anything, and usually because it means I am going through my email anyways (since that's how I receive requests) and that directly translates to fewer items on my "to do" list.

I also tend not to question reasonable requests. If it's a straightforward request, then it will be done without much feedback from me. I don't think simple requests require discussion or for me to question the requestor's motivation. And I generally don't attempt to talk people out of them. That is why I would describe them as "simple" or "reasonable" requests.

In short, don't ask me to do something if you don't want me to. And don't expect me to feel bad if what you asked for wasn't really what you wanted. And don't worry, if this pertains to you then you probably know who you are.

I feel better now.


Patriot said...

Thanks again for entering the giveaway last week.

New giveaway this week for American made toys! Come on over to check it out - and spread the word!

Have a fantastic week!!

My Thoughts Alone said...

We love all you do for us, Jen. Don't take it personally, some people can never be made happy because they won't let themselves be happy. I've seen it in action.

CuJo said...

I agree with all the above sentiments. Good on you for putting so much energy into getting COWPU together, I think we all realize how much energy it takes. And shame on anyone who complains without offering to help out first.

Miss Julie said...

Dear Jen, fess up: what did Hannah Montana say to you? If she made you feel unworthy or unloved, I will personally put her in a time-out.

Jen said...

Thanks, all! :) You guys are the reason I stick with this gig.