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Monday, October 29


I am taking the girls to Portland. Why this mid-week jaunt over the pass?

We are going to see "Hannah Montana" at the Rose Garden.

I think this puts me squarely into the "certifiable" category. But it's all good. And the girls are understandably - ecstatic. No, that might not be a strong enough term. Overjoyed? Delirious? That's closer. Deliriously overjoyed? Yeah, that's probably about right.

Now Stinky - that's a totally different story. I have four tickets (knowing full well that Scott would laugh even more hysterically if I had asked him to go). And when I asked Stinky if he was interested, he responded "what do I look like, a ten year old GIRL?!"

So it will just be me and the girls heading to P-town tomorrow night. My friend Carrie is going with us, so it really is a girls' night out. Which, I have been informed, is the name of an actual song by "Hannah Montana". I am new to the whole "Hannah" phenom, since we only recently started getting the Disney channel. It's a cute show, and it could be a lot worse. Have you ever seen "The Wiggles"? Apparently you can go to their concerts, too. *shudder* It is shocking to me what a big deal this concert has been in the news. I don't think my mom bought our crummy whoever-on-ice tickets from scalpers at several hundred dollars each. Just for the record, neither did I. Apparently we got lucky... because a lot of other people did.

Let's hope "Hannah" gives all of us in the nosebleed seats a wave. And wish me luck!


Little Things said...

I bet I have more fun tomorrow night when I go see Springsteen. ;) Have a fun, safe trip!

Jen said...

If it was my choice... it would be Van Halen. Or even Keb Mo. But I figure it's "their turn" since I have had a good run of concerts over the last couple of years.

Deby said...

You are a brave woman and you have racked up some SERIOUS bonus points with those girls. Those will come in handy around Mother's Day.

Have a great time. I took Katya to some Disney on Ice things in S.D. and those are awesome memories.

My Thoughts Alone said...

Don't forget to stop at Taco Bell before the show!! Have fun, screaming girls and all. You're a nice mommy.