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Monday, October 1


Via The Flying Mum... Congratulations! You are a top executive at a breakout new cable TV company. TV Guide wants to publish a sampling of your new fall lineup. For this post, please provide them with a description of some of the new shows.

Flipper - No, not the dolphin. This is for all you channel surfers who are too darn lazy to flip the channel yourself. Or, if your spouse is a channel surfer then this is a great way for those lonely nights when your sig is away on business. It's like they are there! Flipper shows 5-30 second snippets of commercials, reality TV, sitcoms, infomercials, and Seinfeld reruns.

Name that Crash - Have you ever been sitting in the living room, relaxing while reading a book when an undetermined "crash" sound emanates from another part of your home? Join us while we explore common causes and distinguishing characteristics of household crashes.

It Wasn't Me! - Can you tell which kid did it? Whether it's sticky soda on the kitchen floor or an unflushed toilet, we'll get to the bottom of common household mysteries.

Happy watching!

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theflyingmum said...

Thanks, Jen! You are all linked up now.