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Sunday, November 11


Accomplished a lot today, after mostly sitting around yesterday! We got a bit of a slow start but finished strong. :)

Scott's daughter that lives in Eugene came by to get another box of hers that we found when we cleaned the garage. So we unloaded a bunch of other unneeded miscellaneous too, including a coffee table, some framed pictures, an old grill, and some tire chains. She was happy to get all that stuff, and we were really happy to see it go away.

AND Scott cut all the materials needed for drawers. That's right - we've been living here for more than a year and WITHOUT drawers. None. Not in the bathroom, kitchen, another bathroom, bonus room, or the other bathroom. ZIP. If you have never tried this... let's just say I don't recommend it. Our goal is to have all the kitchen drawers done by Thanksgiving. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Not ready for another week to begin... but since the kids don't have school tomorrow I guess I will live vicariously through them.

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Little Things said...

I need to hear more about how one can live without drawers. Preferably over a beer!